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Breakfast yesterday was the original breakfast of champions:  a black coffee, a Luna bar, and a fuji apple (300 calories). Just enough caffeine and nutrients to get me through the morning.


Lunch was another Light & Lean Amy’s Organics frozen meal. This was the black bean and cheese enchilada with brown rice. Delicious! This lunch comes in at 240 calories.


My afternoon snack was Fage plain Greek yogurt (100 calories and 18 grams protein) with 2 small packets of honey (60 calories) and a large banana (110 calories). This delicious snack comes in at around 270 calories total.


Dinner was about 4 ounces brisket cooked in the slow cooker (200-250 calories), one cup baby carrots (50 calories), and 1 cup steamed broccoli (40 calories).  I then indulged in my favorite treat (one I often look forward to the whole day), a Skinny Cow ice cream cup (150 calories).