Tips from this weekend

Although my weekends always include a fair amount of eating out, there is always room for wise choices. At a favorite brunch restaurant visited this weekend, we split an entrée, and had them plate is separately. This picture looks like a normal sized portion, but this is HALF of the whole entrée. This is the case at many restaurants – huge entrees that are too big for one person. The key here is to split it or take half home!


Pictured here is a veggie pizza. The key to cutting out calories here is to order the thinnest crust pizza. Ordering a thin crust can cut out as much as 200 calories per slice!


About notyouraveragefoodie

Not your average foodie, indeed. I have a Masters Degree in Dietetics and am currently employed as a Registered Dietitian at a nationally renown clinic. I created this blog to entertain and inform foodies everywhere. I am a busy, working woman battling the same food issues most people struggle with every day. Possessing the knowledge about food is the easy part. Putting it into practice... that’s where it gets tricky. I consider myself obsessed with food –– how it looks, how it smells, how it tastes, even how it makes me feel. My hope is to provide recipes, tips & tricks each day, to help foodies everywhere eat like a dietitian. I will be sharing my tips & tricks in the kitchen, providing delicious recipes, and helping foodies everywhere navigate through the supermarket, eating out, preparing foods at home, and surviving tricky eating situations whenever they arise.

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