Blueberry muffin recipe

Don’t you hate how those huge (and calorie-loaded) blueberry muffins in the coffee shop call your name as you’re waiting for your latte? Don’t let them get to you – bring your own! Here is a great recipe from Hungry Girl, putting a healthier spin on blueberry muffins. You could whip up a batch of these, put them in individual bags in the freezer, and pop one every morning! At only 137 calories per muffin, why not?


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Not your average foodie, indeed. I have a Masters Degree in Dietetics and am currently employed as a Registered Dietitian at a nationally renown clinic. I created this blog to entertain and inform foodies everywhere. I am a busy, working woman battling the same food issues most people struggle with every day. Possessing the knowledge about food is the easy part. Putting it into practice... that’s where it gets tricky. I consider myself obsessed with food –– how it looks, how it smells, how it tastes, even how it makes me feel. My hope is to provide recipes, tips & tricks each day, to help foodies everywhere eat like a dietitian. I will be sharing my tips & tricks in the kitchen, providing delicious recipes, and helping foodies everywhere navigate through the supermarket, eating out, preparing foods at home, and surviving tricky eating situations whenever they arise.

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  1. what’s your view on using sweeteners and other artificial sugar replacements in baking? I tend to go on the side of reducing the sugar in the recipe, maybe substituting some for fruit, but I’m just not a fan of artificial sweeteners. partially because they don’t taste that great (I can’t stomach drinks or yogurts with them in) and partly because I just don’t reckon they can be healthy. Isn’t it better to have the odd REAL treat than always using “diet” products and artificial replacements? there also seems to be a big trend for using things with fancy names like agave nectar, because they sound natural, when they are no better than sugar and in fact, sometimes harmful

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